About Us


House of Blades has been in business for over 40 years. B.C. Adams started selling knives which sprang from his love of collecting. He began by selling his products to various shops in the multi-state area surrounding Texas. Eventually, the inventory was too large to be mobile, and he built a brick and mortar store in 1982. By 2000, the store had outgrown its 2500 square foot building, so the larger 5000 square foot log cabin was built to house the now gigantic inventory.


Fort Worth's Original House of Blades Location1982 - Original House of Blades location built


1990 - Knife Alley in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards first opened

Fort Worth's House of Blades location built in 2000.2000 - The log cabin-style House of Blades store was built

Today - House of Blades is still going strong. The simple belief that customer service is the most valuable thing we can give our customers. We have over ten employees and are open seven days a week. When you buy from us, you will know that we are an authorized dealer for every product we list and also specialize in cutlery, pocket knives and accessories.


The House of Blades Pledge

Being a family owned business, we at the House of Blades hold a few ideals most important. We promise to...

  • provide a customer service second to none and treat you as if you were our own family
  • provide an increasingly large selection of pocket knives, fixed blade knives and kitchen cutlery items to fit the needs of every customer.
  • maintain this site and keep it as quick and easy to maneuver as possible.
  • fulfill your orders and respond to messages quickly and without delay. Your orders are shipped out the day it is ordered and get to you in 2 to 4 business days

We thank you for your business and welcome you to the House of Blades family!