Camping Essentials

27th May 2017

Camping Essentials

It's camping season! If you are planning a big camping trip with your family or friends, House of Blades can help you knock several items off your camping essential checklist! 

Every Day Carry Knife (EDC)

First thing is first, everyone needs a good Every Day Carry Knife, whether you are on the trail or in the office. More information can be found on on blog post,  How To Choose The Right EDF Knife For You.

Call us a little biased, but we recommend our House of Blades Exclusive Kershaw 1776 with the S35VN blade. Due to popular demand, these knives are currently on pre-order and are scheduled for release on July 4, 2017.

We don't only love it, but you check also check out YouTube to view several demos of our knife in action! 

Good, Sturdy Axe/Hatchet

When you're out in the wilderness, a good, sturdy axe or hatchet is essential to split firewood for your campfire. Made in Sweden, Gransfors Bruk has been committed to manufacturing and developing the best possible axes for over 100 years and all come with a 20-year manufacturer's guarantee as proof of their commitment in making a long-lasting product. 

Check our House of Blade's wide selection of forest and splitting axes on online or at our Lake Worth store location.

Long-Lasting Cooler

If you're camping on a drive-in campsite, it's good to have all of your fresh food for the weekend packed on ice in one big cooler. For hike-in campsites, you may prefer to choose a smaller cooler bag. YETI Coolers offers several sizes and designs to fit both of these camping needs.

Built virtually indestructible, the YETI Tundra Hard Shell Coolers are certified bear-resistant. Its 3 inch PermaFrost insullation in the cooler walls and lid keeps ice frozen longer - great for fishing and camping trips. The large soft-sided YETI Hopper Coolers are great for keeping your cold ones cold and The YETI Hopper Flip soft bags are great for those hike-in campsites. Check out our inventory of YETI Coolers and accessories.

Cast-Iron Dutch Oven or Skillet

Although you may not want to bring a cast-iron dutch oven or skillet on a backpacking trip, this versatile cookware is great for cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert at home over your stove or at camp over a grill or campfire. 

Make Five-Layer Country BreakfastCampfire Nachos for lunch,  Baked Ziti for dinner or Apple Cobbler for dessert ALL IN ONE POT! House of Blades has The Lodge and Le Cruseut cast-iron cookware available in stores. 

Remember: Cast Iron Cookware is much different than other cookware and requires a little bit more love to keep the food from sticking or developing rust. When this happens, not all is lost! Cast-Iron can easily be reseasoned and can go back to pristene condition. Check out The Lodge website to see how to take care or restore your cookware.

Quality Flashlight

Flashlights are compact and powerful and useful, so having a good quality light is essential. NEBO Tools offers a great line of innovative flashlights, perfect for camping and hiking. Headquartered locally in Grand Prairie, Texas, NEBO provides their customers with cutting-edge products that consistently deliver on the promise of value and performance.

Their Redline Select flashlights are water and impact resistant and has 5 different light modes, ranging from 305-2950 lux and offers an SOS and strobe mode in times when you need assistance on the trail.

Vacuum-Insulated Drinkware

Double-walled and vacuum-insulated drinkware is essential on long commutes, day hikes and kayaking trips. Not only are they tough but can keep your drinks cold or coffee hot. 

To prevent your YETI from getting mixed up from others at your campsite, House of Blades also offers several powdercoated Rambler options and can custom laser engrave your tumbler with your name, logo or monogram. The options are endless!

Start customizing your YETI online today or speak with our on-store laser engraving specialist at (817) 237-7721 for more information.

Other Lightweight and Compact Camping Essentials