Sharpening Info

Sharpening Service Prices

When customers get their knives sharpened at House of Blades, our staff follows a certain procedure to ensure that we always provide the highest quality service. Depending on the size or edge of the knife you have serviced, sharpening takes roughly 3 minutes per blade.

Pricing varies based on the type, size and edge of the knife and is subject to change without notice.

Folding Knife Sharpening

$3.00 Single-Bladed Knife
$4.00 Double-Bladed Knife
$5.00 Triple-Bladed Knife
$5.50 Serrated-Edge Knife

Fixed Blade Knife Sharpening

 $4.00 Hunting/Tactical Knife
 $5.50 Serrated-Edge Knife
 $10.00 Knifes of Alaska
(or similarly edged knives)

Kitchen Knife Sharpening

$3.00 Plain-Edged Knife
$5.50 Serrated-Edge Knife
$4.00 Kitchen Knife longer than 10"

Other Sharpening Services

 $8.00-$15.00 Scissors
(depending on sides and edge)
 Varies Axes/Swords/Machetes
(based on size and edge)

Sharpening Process


  1. All customers are required to fill out the following information before every service:
    • Date
    • Customer's Name
    • Customer's Phone Number
    • Number of knives you are getting sharpened
    • Type of knives getting sharpened

  2. Sales associate will inform customer the price and wait time for the sharpening service.

  3. Once information is confirmed by customer, knife/knives are brought to the Sharpening Room to await sharpening.

  4. Customers may browse our store or comeback once contacted by one of our sales associates.

  5. Sharpening usually takes approximately 3 minutes per blade and is usually completed the same day.


Behind the Scenes

Once our sales associate takes the knives to the Sharpening Room, the knife is secured by a clamp to keep a consistent angle throughout the sharpening process. Each knife is lightly ran across the belt of our sharpening machine.

House of Blade's sharpening machine is a modified belt sander, custom-made specifically by House of Blades for sharpening knives. The sander is equipped with a 220 grit sandpaper to prevent it from taking off too much steel, but precise enough to bring it back to its factory razor edge. This process produces a burr on the edge of the blade that lets us know when the edge is sharp.

Once the edge is sharpened, we change the belt from the sandpaper belt to a leather belt. The leather belt is the coated with a fine jewelers rouge to knock off the burr and hone blade to a razor sharp edge.

The knife is removed from its clamps and then wiped clean. The folding knives are closed and/or the fixed blades are returned to their sheaths. If a sheath is not provided for a fixed blade, our sales associate will wrap them in newspaper to ensure safe travel.

Once the sharpening process is complete, we bring the customer their knife/knives.